6 Ways to Getting Fit on a Budget

How to Get FIT on a Budget – Nics Nutrition

If you’re anything like me you’re almost always on a diet or on a quest to getting fit. Over the years I’ve learned that it doesn’t have to cost as much as you’d think. There’s a strong connection between your money and your health. The more physically fit you are the more financially fit you can be. But working out these days can get pretty expensive. Between gym fees, gear, and trainers, it’s costing us an arm and a leg before we set an arm or leg in the gym. But it doesn’t have to be that way. When it comes to budgeting, it’s helpful to start small, finding affordable options, and build in upgrades as your finances allow for it.

Here are some ways to start small with your fitness budget:

1. Use Fitness Apps

When you set you mind to getting fit, you first think of working out. While working out by yourself isn’t very motivating at times, trainers are a great way to stay accountable and reach your fitness goals. But if you’re looking to shave down some of your expenses, minimizing your visits with trainers and eating healthy is a good place to start. Checking in with a trainer once in a while is great, but in between you can keep yourself motivated with free fitness apps. Apps such as Fitnet, Sworkit, or Myfitness pal are just a few of my favorites. There are many apps that help you along your fitness journey. Finding one that works for you is what you need to keep you motivated.

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With Fitnet mobile app for iPad excuses are no longer valid .  This new health and fitness app, personalizes 5 minute workouts for any schedule, skill level, or any location.  With Fitnet you have a personal trainer with you whether you are in a hotel across the world or at home with a sick child.

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Workouts range from cardio, strength, and mind/body for light, medium and intense workouts.  All workouts are 5 minutes in length and you can “mix and match” workouts from any category to make your workout plan uniquely yours.  Follow the personal workouts from one of the friendly Fitnet trainers or  invite your personal trainer to be included in Fitnet!

Unique Features & Benefits

  • 200 + personal workouts (free!)
  • All workouts are 5 mins long
  • Biometric scanner provides you feedback
  • Set up fitness plans and goals with a simple tap
  • Your personal trainer can add workout to Fitnet
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Sworkit is a fan favorite on iTunes and Google Play for its flexible offerings: select your goal from strength, cardio, yoga, or stretching categories (or pick from sets of curated classes for monthly challenges, different skill levels, and specific trainers), punch in the amount of time you have to work out, and Sworkit automatically creates a workout for you.

The variety of classes and gradual increases in workload make this a great choice for beginners who want to try different exercises—plus, with no gym membership and no equipment required, you’ll have no excuse for not getting in great shape. You won’t get bored with the diverse workouts, and you can even privately message the app’s trainers with questions or concerns.

My Fitness Pal has been on the top of the charts for a while: it’s received nods from top publishers for its seemingly endless capabilities.

It’s the fitness app for someone who wants it all: it logs exercise stats and records caloric intake, helps you change your habits to meet personal health goals, and offers unparalleled customization for each of its assets.

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It integrates with more than 50 apps and devices to sync all of your workouts, and it has a library of over 350 cardio and strength sessions if you need a jumping off point.

My Fitness Pal boasts a massive food database of more than six million foods, including a restaurant logger that will guarantee no calorie goes uncounted when you go out to eat. It has enough features to fill this entire list, and almost half a million positive reviews in the iTunes Store—it’s a fitness app legend that’s well worth the cost of the premium package.


2. Buy a water filter

Your quest to getting fit means that you have to lay off the sodas and sugary drinks and try to drink more good quality H20. Often I would spend hundreds of dollars per year on bottled water. If you do that you must be able to keep it up. You don’t want to be diligently working out have that be an obstacle. Invest in a quality water filter to make sure you are drinking half your body weight in ounces daily. For example if you are 150 lbs, you should aim to drink at least 75 oz of water daily. Sometimes people confuse the feeling of thirst with hunger and eat more when they should be drinking water. Being just 1 percent dehydrated can slow down your metabolism and interfere with weight loss. So if you are trying to target a healthy weight for the new year then drinking enough filtered water is the perfect complement to your new exercise regime.

3. Buy Cheaper Gear

Having fancy workout clothes and gear is nice and all, but it doesn’t make you more fit.
You might be tempted to buy the latest popular yoga pants as soon as they hit the shelves. Look for more cost effective gear that are higher quality which means you won’t be replacing them as often. Check out preferredleggings.com . Their leggings and workout gear are stylish, cost effective and high quality.

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4. Find Discount Gyms

In the last five years, gym membership fees have skyrocketed. Sure, it’s nice to have the convenient and even luxurious perks of an elite gym. But if you’re trying to save money, bargain gyms are an easy way to cut hundreds of dollars a month. Check out gyms like Planet Fitness, Crunch, or the YMCA. The YMCA offers memberships with costs dependent on income so that’s something to explore.

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5. Try Bodyweight Workouts

Like we mentioned before, gear costs a lot of money. So switch up your strategy and try bodyweight workouts. A number of exercises require nothing more than your body—and some good music too. Try body-sculpting exercises like squats, lunges, push ups, crunches, tricep dips and back extensions. You can also explore disciplines that mainly use body weight like Pilates or Yoga. Some use these workouts to skip the gym fees altogether because they can easily be done at home or outside.

Just by starting small with your fitness budget and using a couple of these tips, you’re sure to save a lot. And as your finances grow, your fitness budget can grow too so you can make the switch to that luxury gym or buy that fancy workout gear you’ve been eyeing.


6. Assess your food choices

We all know that it’s better and healthier to cook instead of eating out daily. While there are a few healthy choices when choosing to eat out, it can’t beat the rewarding feeling you get from cooking a home cooked meal.

If you need an honest look at what you’re putting in your body and want to track more than calories, Fooducate is the app for you. It’s an oldie but a goodie: first launched in 2010, it’s known for its barcode scanner (each item scanned is given a letter grade to help you determine if it belongs in your cart or back on the shelf when you’re grocery shopping) and its complete nutrition breakdowns.

The app makes sure that the food and drinks you’re consuming give your body what it needs—if you’re missing out on vital protein or need to boost your iron intake, Fooducate’s daily nutrient counts will tell you

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